| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Egypt arrests famous TikTok ‘chiropractor’ for practicing without license

Youssef Khairy, the owner of a chiropractic center, has been arrested by the Egyptian authorities on Saturday, for practicing without a license and defrauding people into thinking he was a chiropractor.

Authorities arrested Khairy, who called himself the “plumber of humans,” and closed down his center after finding out he did not obtain a physiotherapy license and that the center was operating illegally, according to media reports.

Khairy was made famous when TikTok videos of his chiropractor sessions, where he would crack parts of his patients bodies, were widely viewed and shared.

Celebrities and famous artists were frequent visitors of his chiropractic center.

Reports said he took advantage of his famous clientele by sharing pictures and videos of his sessions with them, promoting himself and his clinic in social media sites. He also charged them large sums of money for their “treatment.”

Khairy falsely led his patients to believe he was able to treat spine, neck, and joint pain, authorities said, and claimed he held a master’s degree as a Chiropractic Practitioner.

  • alarabiya