| 4 December 2022, Sunday |

Egypt Continues to Produce Vaccine as Daily COVID-19 Cases Rise

The number of daily coronavirus infections continues to rise in Egypt, with nearly 245,000 cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic. Recoveries have reached nearly 180,000.

Despite the spike in infections, the country is continuing efforts to produce the Sinovac Chinese vaccine.

Egypt is set to produce 2 million doses by the end of June.

The Health Ministry had recently confirmed that it has received 5 million vaccine shots. Four hundred inoculation centers have been set up throughout the country.

The Ministry on Saturday confirmed 1,203 new infections and 63 deaths.

It again appealed to people to immediately head to the nearest hospital if they start showing symptoms of the virus.

On vaccines, it denied reports that it has allowed citizens to head to inoculation centers without having registered on the dedicated online platform.

No one will be allowed to take the shot without first reserving an appointment through the platform, it stressed.

Once registered, the applicant will then receive a message with the time and location of their appointment, it said. The measure is aimed at ensuring the organization of the vaccination process and avoid overcrowding at centers to respect preventive measures.

In underscored World Health Organization recommendations that the most vulnerable will be the first to receive the shot. Priority will be given to medical staff, the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat