| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Egypt: Judge Confesses to Killing TV Presenter Wife Shaima Gamal

An Egyptian judge confessed to killing his wife TV presenter Shaima Gamal, last month, justifying his crime as “self-defense.”


The Public Prosecution accused the husband, judge Ayman Haggag, of premeditated murder, saying he killed his wife and mutilated her body to hide her features. The two disagreed over Gamal wanting to announce their marriage or she’ll disclose his secrets, threatening his career.


During the first trial with his crime partner Hussein al-Garably, Haggag confessed to the murder after confronting him with the evidence.


According to the Middle East News Agency, Haggag declared that he committed the crime but did not intend to kill her, stating that he was defending himself.


Garably, the second defendant, denied participating in killing Gamal.


The Giza Criminal Court postponed the trial to August 13 at the request of the defense committee for further deliberations.


Investigations stated that the husband confessed that his wife constantly demanded announcing their marriage, threatening to publish videos and pictures of them together proving their marital relationship.


She also demanded EGP3 million to agree to a divorce without tarnishing his reputation or threatening his career.


According to the investigations, the accused agreed with his partner in crime to kill his wife, and they rented a remote farm for this purpose.


The Public Prosecution established evidence against the accused from the testimony of ten witnesses, including the owner of the store from which the two defendants bought drilling tools and flammable materials, as well as the statements of the accused during interrogations, which began with the second accused guiding the police to the location of the body on the farm.


The forensic report showed that the victim’s death was due to suffocation and pressure added on her neck.


The Public Prosecution is investigating the first accused over other crimes, it stated.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat