| 24 June 2021, Thursday |

Egypt Sends Humanitarian Aid to Palestine

Egypt continues to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and sent a delegation from the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) to inspect the Gaza Strip and determine the urgent aid needs.

The authorities said the delegation’s visit aims to provide aid and assistance in various fields, bolster cooperation and coordination through field visits to determine Palestinians’ needs, and affirm Egypt’s leading role in supporting humanitarian efforts and assistance offered to the Palestinians.

The delegation, headed by the Executive Director of the ERC Ramy El-Nazer, met with the head of the Palestine Red Crescent Society Younis al-Khatib to discuss joint cooperation to meet the urgent humanitarian needs.

The government stated that the visit also aims to enhance joint cooperation between the two associations in responding to the basic humanitarian needs of Palestinians affected by the recent clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The delegation met with a number of Palestinian officials, including health ministry representatives, and toured some hospitals that have received the injured to stand on their health conditions and needed medical supplies.

The statement affirmed that the Egyptian Red Crescent continues to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to the Palestinian Red Crescent and will deliver the third batch of medical and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in the coming days.

It also indicated that volunteers continue to support the injured and their families, who are receiving treatment inside Egyptian hospitals. They provide psychological and social support services, restore family links, and provide them with basic needs during their stay in Egypt, until the completion of the treatment.

Meanwhile, Adel al-Asoomi, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, lauded the decision of the Irish parliament to condemn the annexation of Palestinian lands.

The Irish parliament passed a motion condemning the scale, pace, and strategic nature of Israel’s actions on settlements, demolitions, and evictions as “de facto annexation.”

Asoomi described the decision as “courageous”, noting that it was backed unanimously by the parliament’s majority and the opposition.

He indicated that such positions clearly demonstrate the right of the Palestinian people to their land and the rejection of Israeli violations against Palestinians.

The Speaker considered this decision a victory for international law, human rights, resolutions of international legitimacy, and the peoples’ free and just will.