| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

El Salvador’s farmers suffer extreme drought due to El Nino

El Salvador is now starting to feel the effects of a drought that experts forecast will reach a critical level. The El Nino phenomenon is anticipated to strengthen, resulting in substantial crop losses for farmers throughout the country.
River levels have dropped dramatically after the Central American country experienced high temperatures.

El Salvador, which is located in the Dry Corridor of Central America, suffers significant losses when the El Nino phenomenon occurs, as not only farmers but also livestock owners lose cows due to insufficient grass and water.

El Nino is part of a natural climate pattern called the El Nino/Southern Oscillation.

Seven years ago, a notably intense El Nino event developed in the Pacific, causing a series of dangerous changes in global weather patterns.

As a result, Indonesia suffered from a severe drought, which exacerbated the devastating wildfires. Heavy rains inundated parts of the Horn of Africa, flooding villages and agricultural areas.

This event also contributed to 2016 being recognized as the hottest year on record.

With El Nino making a return this year, experts suggest that it will be another strong one, raising concerns about extreme weather in the coming months.

  • Anadolu Agency