| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

Ethiopia’s cabinet approves lifting of state of emergency

In light of improving security conditions in the nation, Ethiopia’s cabinet authorized the removal of a six-month state of emergency on Wednesday, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office.

Ethiopia announced a state of emergency in November after troops in Tigray’s northern province stated they had captured territory and were considering moving into Addis Abeba.

Last month, the government said that the army was removing Tigrayan troops from the northern Amhara and Afar provinces, ignoring Tigrayan claims that their forces were leaving willingly to provide a “opening for peace.”

“We have now reached a point where threats can be neutralized by ordinary law enforcement channels,” the prime minister’s office stated in a statement. The cabinet’s decision was forwarded to parliament for ratification.

Over the weekend, the military announced its intention to invade the Tigray provincial capital of Mekelle and “eradicate” the insurgent forces.

That statement came amid diplomatic efforts to end conflict that broke out in November 2020 and has displaced millions and triggered widespread hunger.

  • Reuters