| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

EU considers legal action against Poland over “LGBT-free” zones, sources say

Two officials told Reuters that the European Union’s executive is mulling legal action against Poland over “LGBT-free” zones established by some local governments there.

The EU declares that all member states must respect LGBT rights, but Poland’s ruling nationalist party has made anti-gay legislation a centerpiece of its platform.

It formally prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children in March, and more than a hundred cities and localities declared themselves “LGBT-free.”

One EU official stated, “We are reviewing if there is a violation of EU treaties” in the construction of those zones, adding that the process is still ongoing. A second official stated that the executive in Brussels is looking into the matter.

Known as an infringement procedure, such a legal action would challenge Poland to eliminate the zones which, if not complied with, could lead to hefty fines.

Asked to comment, a Polish government spokesman said: “There are no laws in Poland that would discrimate against people based on their sexual orientation.”

Poland is already under investigation by the EU for allegedly undermining the rule of law.

The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has clashed with the EU on a number of occasions on democratic norms, as it has tightened state control over the courts and media, curtailed women’s rights, and banned immigration from the Middle East and Africa.

Despite the pressure and the fact that Poland is a significant recipient of EU financial help, Warsaw has mainly refused to shift course, claiming that the country’s historic Catholic customs must be protected.

  • Reuters