| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

EU lowers limits for toxic metals in baby food, vegetables

According to new guidelines that will take effect at the end of August, baby food, vegetables, fruit, cereals, meat, fish, and other commodities will have to meet tighter cadmium and lead level limits before they can be marketed in the European Union.

Cadmium and lead are hazardous metals found in many foods, although they are not harmful to human health when consumed in little amounts.

The EU has now lowered these limits for a long list of food products in a bid to reduce exposure to carcinogenic substances, the European Commission said on Wednesday, following scientific advice.

The stricter limits for cadmium will be applied from Aug. 31, and for lead from Aug. 30.

Products that contain these metals beyond the new limits, but that entered the market before the new rules came into effect, can be sold until the end of February.

  • Reuters