| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

EU should influence China to use world power ‘responsibly,’ says foreign policy chief

China should be persuaded to exercise its global influence in a “responsible” manner, the EU’s top diplomat said on Thursday.

Josep Borrell emphasized that the EU is both a “partner” and a “competitor” to China during his speech at the European Defense and Security Summit.

Their “systems are rivals,” but they also exchange $2.7 billion every day by trading services and goods, he said.

Borrell just presented a report for EU foreign ministers on “reshaping” the bloc’s ties with China ahead of their informal meeting in Stockholm on Friday.

The core element of the EU’s strategy is to “ask China to act responsibly as a permanent member of the UN Security Council,” he asserted.

The important thing is “how China uses its world power,” Borrell said.

He argued that the “unlimited friendship between China and Russia” indeed has limits since the Russian economy represents 1% of the global economic output while China gives 20%.

Borrell said “China is supporting Russia but at the moment not providing arms” for its war in Ukraine.

The EU keeps “asking China to use its influence on Russia to stop war,” he further said.

Borrell reiterated the bloc’s backing for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

He asserted that the war could end quickly if the free world stopped supporting Ukraine, but it would also “stop existing as a free independent country.”

He admitted it is his most important “personal” goal in the upcoming 18 months until his mandate ends to ensure that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot win this war.”

  • Anadolu Agency