| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

EU to seek to stop mass Afghanistan migration flows, draft statement says

European Union interior ministers will say on Tuesday they are determined to act to prevent uncontrolled migration from Afghanistan, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

EU governments are eager to avoid a repeat of the chaotic influx of migrants in 2015 that caught the bloc unprepared and sowed divisions among EU states, fueling support for far-right parties as camps in Greece and other countries swelled.

“Based on lessons learned, the EU and its member states stand determined to act jointly to prevent the recurrence of uncontrolled large-scale illegal migration movements faced in the past, by preparing a coordinated and orderly response,” the ministers will say, according to the draft, dated Aug. 28.

The draft did not contain specific details of new measures.

Ministers will gather for an emergency meeting on Tuesday in Brussels to discuss the fallout from the Afghanistan crisis. The EU last week announced more aid money for Afghanistan as well as surrounding countries.

Interior ministers will reiterate that promise to give more money, although delivering aid had become more complicated since the Taliban took back control of the country, according to EU officials.

“The EU should also strengthen the support to the countries in Afghanistan’s immediate neighborhood to ensure that those in need receive adequate protection primarily in the region,” the ministers will say.

Although Turkey helped contain the 2015 crisis with EU funding by taking in millions of Syrians fleeing, Ankara is less willing to receive many Afghans as the COVID-19 pandemic and an economic slump strain social and security services.

The ministers will pledge to stop new security threats from Afghanistan for EU citizens, as well as making the right security checks for those evacuated, said the draft statement.


  • Reuters