| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Face masks required in more indoor venues in England

Face coverings are now required at most indoor events in England as part of steps to combat the Omicron variety.

The new regulations force individuals to wear masks in facilities like as theaters, cinemas, houses of worship, museums, and indoor sports stadiums.

Further adjustments will take effect next week as the government implements so-called Plan B Covid limits.

Businesses, on the other hand, have raised worry about the impact of Covid passes and work-from-home instructions.

Meanwhile, some Tory backbenchers are speaking out against the limits before of a vote in the Commons next week.

Following the dispute over the measures and disclosures that parties were hosted inside Downing Street last winter, former cabinet member Andrew Mitchell told the BBC that the tone in the party was “sulphurous.”

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, stated that the new limits will buy time against the Omicron variety as the NHS faces a “real danger” of a disaster.

On Thursday, an additional 249 instances of the Omicron type were reported in the UK, bringing the total number of cases diagnosed to 817. The genuine figure, however, is thought to be substantially higher.

Mr Javid stated that there was indications that Omicron was doubling every 2.5 or three days, which may entail a million infections by the end of the month when it replaces the Delta strain in the UK.

Other UK nations, who are in charge of their own Covid laws, have already implemented harsher limits comparable to Plan B.

As a result of the appearance of the Omicron version, the necessity to wear a face mask was reinstated in stores and on public transportation at the end of November.

However, they are not required in hospitality establishments such as bars and restaurants, nor in locations such as gyms.