| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

FIFA Qatar phase one ticket applications end, marks 17 million requests in 20 days

According to a FIFA statement, seventeen million ticket requests for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar were received when the application deadline ended on Tuesday.

According to the same statement, the majority of applications came from Qatari citizens, putting the 20-day request period to a close.

FIFA also stated that the final match at Lusail Stadium had the most requests, at 1.8 million.

Popular football hotspots like as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates witnessed some of the largest number of ticket requests.

The request’s conclusion will be published on March 8, after “FIFA Ticketing will check that ticket requests match the sales and household limitations prior to assigning seats,” according to the announcement.

The limitation indicates that a family sharing the same postal address may acquire no more than six tickets (per match).

Ticket costs for visitors began about $70, around one-third the price of the tournament in Russia.

The World Cup organizers have also stated that around 1.2 million people will attend the tournament.

According to statistics released in December by Associated Press, the group stage contains 32 teams with games spread over 12 days when Qatar predicts 559,000 flying in with a high of 276,000 ticket holders around November 27 and 28, requiring an estimated 128,000 rooms.

According to the Associated Press, most hotels in Qatar have been reserved, therefore there was no opportunity to book for the length of the tournament while browsing online on Tuesday.

Later this year, rooms in hotels, flats, and cruise ships will be made available through a website. Only about 90,000 rooms will be made accessible to the general public, with the remaining 40,000 reserved for teams, officials, sponsors, and journalists.

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