| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Fire broke out at Nicolas Gobran Fashion House in Ashrafieh.

Public Relations Department at Beirut Municipality reported, “At around 11:00 AM on 2-10-2021, the Beirut Fire Brigade Operations Room received a phone call, stating that a fire broke out inside a store in Ashrafieh area, Trabo Street.
A fire brigade team set out to the place, where thick clouds of smoke were covering the place, and it turned out that the source of fire was Nicolas Gobran Fashion House.The firefighters worked with the necessary speed to enter the place and reach the source of the fire, preventing it from spreading to the neighboring buildings. The commander of the fire brigade, Colonel Maher Al-Agouz, supervised the firefighting operations that lasted for more than six hours, after which the fire was completely controlled. Meanwhile, the firefighting teams are still carrying out cooling operations, to prevent the fire from recurring. Damages were strictly material.