| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Four badly hurt after car hits crowd at French kite festival

At a large international kite festival in northern France on Saturday, eleven people were hurt, four of whom required hospitalization, according to officials.

According to a statement from the neighborhood prosecutor’s office, a 76-year-old motorist who was incapacitated “confused the accelerator and brake pedals” and caused the collision.

The accident happened in the early evening at the seaside town of Berck-sur-Mer where hundreds of thousands of people gather each year for the festival.

Four women, including two pensioners aged 75 and 82, are being treated for life-threatening head injuries in intensive care, the emergency services and local officials said.

The driver, who was lightly injured in the accident, faces a possible charge of causing injuries unintentionally.

Popular with families and drawing visitors from around the world, the annual Berck-sur-Mer festival is held over several days, featuring acrobatic kite flying shows and build-your-own workshops.

One of the 11 injured was a four-year-old girl who suffered shock after witnessing the accident, an official said.


  • AFP