| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Four dead after truck in Saudi Arabia’s Medina crashes into cars at traffic signal

Four people have died and five others were injured in a speeding truck accident in Saudi Arabia’s Medina city after it crashed into a number of cars stopped at a traffic signal.

Medina’s Traffic Department said that it had was looking into why the truck accident took place on Ali bin Abi Talib road and determine the main cause of why the speeding truck did not stop in time.

The official spokesman for the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Medina, Khalid bin Musaed al-Sahli, said that the Authority’s phone operators were notified of the accident at 12:39 noon on Tuesday that an accident occurred at the intersection of Ali Bin Abi Talib Road with King Abdullah Road.

As a result of a truck colliding with a number of stopped vehicles at the busy intersection, six ambulance teams were deployed to the crash site.

Authorities said that when the emergency teams arrived at the site, it became clear that there were 9 cases of four deaths and five people with critical injuries. The necessary emergency measures were taken for the injured and transported to the nearest hospital.

  • alarabiya