| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Four dead in hospital transfer to Khan Younis, says doctor

Subhi Sukeyk, director of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in northern Gaza, evacuated with his team to Khan Younis in early November after a lack of fuel rendered the medical facility out of service.

Sukeyk told Al Jazeera that four of his patients died during the transfer to the southern city.

“We shifted to Dar-el-Salem hospital, a charity hospital, a very small hospital with small infrastructure, but we have established there some sort of outpatient clinic. We are [now] receiving about 200 patients a day,” Sukeyk said.

However, he stressed that while there efforts to arrange transfers for patients to receive treatment outside of Gaza, the hospital still needs medication and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

“So far, we don’t have any medications. We are hearing that some institutes or organisations are trying to help and we are addressing them, giving them the list of our needs, but up till now, we are not having any,” he said.

  • Aljazeera