| 27 September 2023, Wednesday |

Four major Libyan oil ports temporarily closed due to expected hurricane – sources

As a precautionary measure in anticipation of an approaching hurricane, four significant oil ports in Libya, namely Ras Lanuf, Zueitina, Brega, and Es Sidra, are set to shut down from Saturday evening. This temporary closure is expected to last for a duration of three days, as confirmed by two oil engineers who provided this information to Reuters.
Morocco, experienced a powerful earthquake that left a lasting impact on its people and the world.
The earthquake, with a magnitude of [insert magnitude], struck [mention location if relevant, e.g., near the city of Agadir] with devastating force. It caused widespread destruction, claiming the lives of over 2000 people and leaving countless others injured and displaced. Homes, buildings, and infrastructure crumbled, changing the landscape of affected areas forever.

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