| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

France strains to avert power cuts as cold snap tests Europe’s energy resolve

Although France anticipates avoiding power outages on Monday, the first winter cold snap will put a strain on Europe’s vow to save energy and lessen the impact of the Ukraine war on the continent’s economy.

Leaders in the area have stated that everyone needs to take the issue of consuming less gasoline seriously after the effort had been made relatively simple up until this point by the abnormally warm weather.

Despite significant efforts made when Russian supplies were cut off due to its invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s gas storage is about 90% full. However, a string of nuclear outages, particularly in France, are raising concerns about interruptions.

A technical glitch briefly cut off the power in parts of Paris late on Thursday, prompting one Twitter user to ask: “Is it starting?”, while posting an image of a street in darkness.

  • Reuters