| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

France’s Macron urges Israel to stop bombing Gaza

In a late-Friday interview with the BBC, French President Emmanuel Macron demanded that Israel cease attacking Gaza and killing people.

Macron declared that there was “no justification” for the strike and that Israel would gain from a truce.

He declared that whilst acknowledging Israel’s right to self-defense, France “clearly condemns” the “terrorist” acts of Hamas and that “we do urge them to stop this bombing” in Gaza.

When asked if he wanted other leaders – including in the United Sates and Britain – to join his calls for a ceasefire, Macron said: “I hope they will.”

Israel has faced growing calls for restraint in its month-long war with Hamas but says the Gaza-based militants, who attacked Israel on Oct. 7 and took hostages, would exploit a truce to regroup.

In a statement responding to Macron’s comments, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that world leaders should be condemning Hamas, and not Israel.

“These crimes that Hamas (is) committing today in Gaza will be committed tomorrow in Paris, New York and anywhere in the world,” Netanyahu said.

  • Reuters