| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Germany approved €2.24 billion in arms for Ukraine in 2022

Following a request from Left Party (Die Linke) lawmaker Sevim Dagdelen, Germany’s government gave the greenlight to arms exports amounting to at least €8.9 billion ($8.48 billion) this year, making it the second-highest annual figure ever, according to the German Economy Ministry.
Over a quarter of the weapons and military equipment sent during the course of the year has gone to Ukraine as it battles Russia’s invasion.

Germany’s coalition government had sought to reduce exports of arms after coming to power but had to change tack after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

In the face of severe criticism over the country’s postwar policy of not providing lethal aid to conflict zones, the Scholz administration announced a reversal of that policy as part of the country’s military and security politics “Zeitenwende” or “turning point” announced shortly after the invasion began.

Germany has made deliveries worth €2.24 billion including anti-aircraft tanks, multiple rocket launches, the IRIS-T air defence system and self-propelled howitzers, among other pieces of military equipment.

The official figures are expected to be announced in January.

  • DW