| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Ghannouchi blames Saied for death of MP’s wife

Rached Ghannouchi, Speaker of Tunisian Parliament, has held President Kais Saied accountable fot the death of MP Imad Al-Khumairi’s wife after she was deprived of receiving treatment on health insurance, The New Khalij reported on Friday.
As part of the exceptional measures imposed by Saied following the suspension of Parliament, he suspended the health insurance and salaries of MPs.
During the funeral of Al-Khumairi’s wife, who had cancer, Ghannouchi said: “Saied is responsible for what happened due to suspending health insurance of the MPs and their families.”
Other political sides also blamed Saied for the death of Al-Khumairi’s wife: “Which was a result of depriving the MPs of their social and health rights.”
Previously, MP Mustafa Ben Ahmad staged a sit-in inside a hospital in Tunis after he was deprived of free treatment following the suspension of Parliament.
Famous Tunisian writer and MP Abdul Latif Al-Alawi launched a campaign on social media to sell his library to pay for his family’s expenses after he was deprived of his salary. At the same time, he could not return to his profession as a teacher because he is still an MP.
Since 25 July, Tunisia has been suffering from a critical political crisis as Saied froze Parliament, lifted parliamentarian immunity, cancelled the Constitution monitoring commission, issued unconstitutional presidential decrees, ousted the government, assumed the government work on his own and then by a government he assigned.
Tunisian parties, legal experts and former President Moncef Marzouki consider this a coup. However, some Tunisians support Saied’s move.