| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Global warming can cause worst extinction of marine life in 250 million years, study finds

With melting ice caps posing a huge threat to life on the planet, global warming turned out to be a problem plaguing the earth with temperatures rising around the planet and this has caused major concerns for life on all terrains.
A new research has revealed that global warming has brought out drastic changes in the oceans and this can result into an unprecedented extinction of marine species. The ocean ecosystems have been undergoing a lot of changes due to climate change and that has impacted marine biological richness.
With the water levels going up and the temperatures soaring, the level of oxygen in the ocean waters have gone down and this has resulted in the water taking in carbon dioxide from the air.
Thus, the water levels are going up but with not enough oxygen, the environment has become hostile for a number of aquatic animals and the study states that the depletion of oxygen is almost four times of that in 1960s. This has majorly impacted the growth and development of aquatic life.

The study, which was published in science, compared the current situation to the “great dying” – an event which occurred 250 million years ago resulting in the death of 96 per cent of marine creatures.
“Even if the magnitude of species loss is not the same level as this, the mechanism of the species loss would be the same,” said Justin Penn, a climate scientist at Princeton University.

“The future of life in the oceans rests strongly on what we decide to do with greenhouse gases today. There are two vastly different oceans we could be seeing, one devoid of a lot of life we see today, depending on what we see with CO2 emissions moving forward,” he was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

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