| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Gold Tops Sudan’s Foreign Trade Exports

Gold has topped Sudan’s foreign trade exports in Q2 2022.


The value of its export revenues amounted to more than half the value of all other Sudanese commodities, including major strategic agricultural goods, Sudan’s official news agency SUNA reported.


The value of the exported gold amounted to more than $720 million to about 11,986 kilograms, while that of the gum arabic amounted to $29.7 million to about 24.8 thousand metric tons, and cotton exports amounted to $115.3 million, as the country exported about 53,328 cotton bale.


It also exported live animals and livestock worth $63.6 million, meat with a value of $34.2 million, and hides with a value of $916,000.


Petroleum exports received a low share, as the value of what was exported did not exceed $16 million.


The trade balance of the country’s foreign trade recorded a deficit of $1.2 billion in Q1 of the fiscal year 2022, which is nearly half of the volume of foreign trade.


Sudan’s total exports during Q1 2022 reached about $1.4 billion, while imports of goods from outside the country amounted to $2.6 billion.


The majority of foreign trade commodities, including the exported and imported, included raw and manufactured goods and foodstuffs.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat