| 2 October 2023, Monday |

Greece wildfires: Eighteen bodies found in Greek forest

According to the Greek fire department, eighteen dead have been discovered in a wooded area in northern Greece that has been ravaged by flames over the previous four days.

According to preliminary assessments, those who perished may have been migrants. A coroner and an investigating team are on their way to the area near Dadia Forest.

Fires have scorched the Evros area of north-eastern Greece, close to the Turkish border.

The hospital in Alexandroupolis had to be evacuated.

Among those transferred to a vessel at the harbor were newborn infants and intensive care patients.

Fires are raging across several fronts in Greece, whipped up by high winds and temperatures which climbed above 40C in several places on Tuesday.

Since Monday, flames are said to have spread swiftly in the massive forested Dadia national park to the north of Alexandroupolis. People in the nearby regions were asked to flee by emergency authorities via cellphone text messages.

Prior to the most recent harrowing finding, a migrant’s death was recorded in the neighborhood.

According to reports, eighteen additional dead were discovered on Tuesday near a cabin outside the village of Avantas when the fire department investigated the burned remnants of a structure.

Because there had been no complaints of missing citizens, fire service spokesperson Yiannis Artopios said the possibility that the victims had entered Greece illegally was being explored.

  • Reuters