| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Greek police find 3.2 million euros of cocaine in banana containers

Police in northern Greece claimed on Saturday that they recovered dozens of packets of cocaine stowed in containers filled with bananas transported from Latin America.

Police confiscated two suspect containers at the port of Piraeus and transported them to the port of Thessaloniki, where they discovered 100 “bricks” of hidden cocaine totalling 161 kilograms.

According to authorities, the narcotics, which would have been sold throughout Greece and other European nations, are worth around 3.2 million euros.

The consignment was found as part of an investigation Greece launched last month with North Macedonia authorities and the U.S. anti-drug agency, following the seizure of about 100 kilos of cocaine also hidden in banana containers at a warehouse in Thessaloniki. Some 14 people have been arrested in that case.

  • Reuters