| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Grossi: IAEA experts will return to Iran

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, announced, Tuesday, that “the agency’s experts will return to Iran to search for pending issues.”

“The Iranian nuclear program is active and developing every day and requires close monitoring,” he said.

Grossi stated that “the presence of the Agency in Iran is the only international presence to monitor the developments of the Iranian nuclear program.”

He pointed out that “no agreement can be reached with Iran without the presence of agency inspectors.”

Grossi said that “the temporary technical agreement with Iran provided an opportunity for diplomatic work for all parties.”

On February 22, Grossi revealed that a “temporary solution” had been reached that would allow the agency to continue its inspections in Iran despite the reduction in the work of international inspectors.

Grossi stressed to reporters, upon his return from a two-day visit to Tehran, that the number of inspectors in Iran has not been reduced and that sudden inspections will continue in light of the temporary understanding.


The Iranian parliament, which is dominated by conservatives, passed a law in December requiring the government to suspend the additional protocol and expel agency inspectors if the United States does not lift its banking and oil sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Indeed, the law entered into force earlier in February, after Grossi’s visit to Iran, according to Al-Arabiya.