| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Hackers Reportedly Broke Into United Nations Earlier This Year and Stole Sensitive Data

Earlier this year, the United Nations’ (UN) networks were allegedly breached by unknown hackers who used stolen credentials of a UN employee to steal some sensitive data, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

The breach was discovered by a cybersecurity company Resecurity, according to which the initial intrusion to the UN networks took place as early as 5 April and the hackers were still present in the system as of 7 August, the report said.

UN officials informed Resecurity that the hackers’ aim was reconnaissance and stopped communicating with the cyber security firm after it provided proof that the attack also resulted in stolen data, the report said.

During the latest breach, the hackers tried to collect information about the architecture of the UN computer networks and to compromise 53 UN accounts, according to Resecurity.

The purported hacking took place amid an increased number of ransomware attacks against US-based companies, including Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya and others.

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