| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Hamas: Jerusalem will not be trampled on by the occupation

Occupied “Jerusalem is on fire, but it will never be trampled underfoot by the Israeli occupation state and its settlers,” the head of Hamas’ foreign political bureau Khaled Meshaal said this weekend.

Speaking during an online conference on Jerusalem on Saturday, he said: “There is no life for us without Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not only a political, religious, spiritual, and civilisational capital, but it is also the past, present, and future.”

He expressed his belief that the Islamic Ummah would win eventually despite all its suffering and the support given to its enemies by international powers.

In an interview with Al Hiwar TV this weekend, Meshaal stressed that all options are open to the Palestinian people as they are entitled to use all methods of self-defence against Israeli attacks.

“This is our opportunity to rearrange the internal Palestinian house,” Meshaal said. “There is no disagreement among Palestinians on Jerusalem. The Palestinian leadership has a responsibility towards what’s happening and so we have to take action.”

Meshaal condemned Israeli measures and policies in Jerusalem as an “infringement on our Palestinian heritage and history” in the holy city, calling for an end to the Israeli aggression on Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

Meshaal called on the Arab and Muslim world to provide political, popular, financial support and military assistance, if possible, to the Palestinian people in their struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Palestinians in Jerusalem in recent days have protested in solidarity with residents of the Sheikh Jarrah  neighbourhood.

Protests came as the Israeli Central Court in East Jerusalem approved a decision to evict seven Palestinian families from their homes in favour of Israeli settlers at the beginning of this year.

Israeli police attempted to disperse worshippers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound Friday evening, using stun grenades and gas bombs. Women were also targeted by Israeli forces, according to witnesses.