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Hamas rockets … the secret is in training under Iranian Revolutionary Guard surveillance


When talking about the missiles that the Houthis possess in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Iran is present, as it is the first suspect in supplying these groups with advanced weapons.

Although these missiles are not entirely Iranian manufactured,  but they are equipped with materials or equipment that Iran has provided to these parties, according to the Wall Street Journal .

The Israeli army announced on Sunday, that Israel “faces the highest rate of rocket fire on its territory that it has never seen before, as the armed factions in the Gaza Strip fired about three thousand rockets” since the beginning of last Monday.

The large number of rockets dropped on Israel in one week opens the door to questioning the arsenal of rockets owned by Hamas, which is based in the Gaza Strip, where two million people live in difficult conditions, due to the siege imposed on it since 2007.

The Wall Street Journal notes that “Hamas’s missile arsenal is larger and more sophisticated than ever before,” as it possesses missiles “manufactured in Gaza with Iranian components.”

Israeli intelligence estimates that Hamas and Islamic Jihad possess at least 30,000 rockets hidden in Gaza, according to a report published by “The New York Times “.

Although Iran does not want a confrontation with Israel in an open war, it does not object to supporting Hamas and encouraging it to carry out missile attacks that may naturally lead to political disputes, “exploding the Ibrahim agreements that were concluded during the past year between Israel and several Arab countries.” What Tehran sees as a threat to it after the emergence of a united front against Iran’s plans in the region.

The Wall Street Journal indicates that the 2015 nuclear deal did not stop Tehran’s efforts in its weapons programs, which it continued to spread and arm its regional proxies, including Hamas.

A report by the New York Times says that the missile industry supervised by Hamas is based on different foundations, as it uses Iranian knowledge and technology, and parts of Israeli missiles and bombs that have not exploded or parts of which can be exploited.

Hamas is also exploiting supplies used in construction, such as large pipes, in the manufacture of missiles.

Observers estimate that most of the Hamas arsenal is known as the Qassam missiles, which are short-range and have a range of 10 kilometers. They also have medium-range missiles, with a range of up to 25 miles. The most important missile they have is the “G80” missile, which is The “M-75” missile, which was developed with Iranian technologies, and added new features to it in terms of accuracy and range of hit. According to AL-Hurra

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