| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

High Court of Northern Ireland has dismissed a challenge to Brexit Protocol

The Northern Ireland High Court on Wednesday dismissed a challenge to part of Britain’s divorce deal with the European Union brought by the region’s major pro-British parties, ruling the Northern Ireland Protocol was compliant with both British and EU law.

The court ruled that the UK’s EU divorce agreement, which effectively kept Northern Ireland in the bloc’s trading orbit, was legal since it was ratified by the British Parliament and overrode elements of earlier statutes like the 1800 Act of Union.

Judge Adrian Colton dismissed a variety of arguments based on both British and European Union law, finding that none of them warranted the parties’ request for judicial review of the agreement.

Both the main case made by the Democratic Unionist Party, the Ulster Unionist Party, and the Traditional Unionist Voice, as well as a secondary case brought by Pastor Clifford Peeples, were dismissed.

  • Reuters