| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Honduras night of violence leaves 22 dead, curfews imposed

In response to the escalating violence in Honduras, the government has implemented curfews in two northern cities. The announcement came after a series of deadly attacks overnight, resulting in the tragic deaths of 22 individuals.

According to Edgardo Barahona, a police spokesperson, heavily armed individuals entered a billiards hall in a neighborhood in the northern city of Choloma on Saturday night. They opened fire, killing 11 people and leaving three others in critical condition. The incident reflects the increasing severity of the security situation in the country.

An official source not authorized to speak to the media told Reuters there had been at least 11 other killings on Saturday in separate episodes across the northern Valle de Sula zone, including in the industrial city of San Pedro Sulay.

President Xiomara Castro announced via Twitter a 15-day curfew in Choloma between 9 pm and 4 am, effective immediately, and another in San Pedro Sula, effective July 4.

“Multiple operations, raids, captures and checkpoints are initiated,” Castro said.

There has been a partial state of emergency in parts of Honduras since December in a bid to confront violent gangs and turf wars.

Security Minister Gustavo Sanchez announced later Sunday the government would be sending a proposal to Congress to “classify members of a criminal structure, maras or gangs as terrorists” in the coming days.

The minister, speaking at a press conference, added that 1,000 additional police and military are being sent to the Sula Valley, where Choloma and San Pedro Sul are located.

The government is also offering a cash reward of 800,000 Lempiras ($32,707) to help identify and capture those responsible for the killings in Choloma, the president said.

The attacks over the weekend follow a deadly incident earlier this week at a women’s prison near the capital Tegucigalpa that killed 46 people amid a reported break-in by gang members.

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