| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Hospital Owners’ Syndicate to Banks: “Initiator is more oppressive.”

The Lebanese Hospital Owners’ Syndicate clarified in a statement, that Some banks intend to refrain from paying the local salaries and wages of the employees, unless the hospital administration secures the necessary cash to cover the value of those salaries and wages.”

The statement added: “As there is no possibility for the hospitals to secure the value of wages in cash, since most of their incomes are according to bank transfers or checks, and the liquidity is not sufficient even to pay their cash expenses and to conduct their daily affairs, and since this unfair procedure affects the  livelihood of these employees who are striving to keep them in their work, in light of the immense emigration as a result of the crisis afflicting the country, and since we did not receive a response from these banks despite direct contact with their management, so hospitals will deliberately not accept any medical or hospital approvals for the employees of these banks, and therefore the patient who belongs to the category of employees of these banks is obliged to pay his bill in cash upon entry, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, and the initiator is more oppressive.