| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Hours after the first outage, Twitter crashes again

The social network, Twitter, was disrupted again on Saturday, a few hours after the service fell on Friday night.

A report by ” Reuters ” agency said , over the past hours, thousands of users around the world have reported several problems that impeded their use of the social network.

The company said in a tweet, “Some of you may not have uploaded some tweets. We are working to fix the problem, and you will be back in the timeline soon.”

And about 40 thousand users reported problems that impeded the social network service, on Friday night, according to the “Dawn Detector” website.

The site tracks interruptions to various social media services, based on various sources.

The “Dawn Doctor” explained that the recent interruptions in Twitter, may affect a large number of users of the service. 

According to the site, about half of the bug reports came after users had problems accessing the computer version of the site.

At least 35 percent of the complainants reported problems with Twitter when using it on the iPhone and iPad app.

And up to 15 percent of users said that they encountered problems while trying to log in to the site, regardless of the nature of the device they were using.

The site detected a malfunction in the Twitter platform for at least four times during the month of April, on April 2, April 8, and April 15, in addition to this Friday.