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How global leaders are reacting to rebellion in southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don?

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, expressed his concern over the situation in Russia, where an armed insurrection led by Prigozhin took control of Rostov-on-Don. He emphasised the importance of protecting civilians and called on all parties involved to act responsibly
The British government stated that the Wagner Group forces had crossed from Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine to Russia and had likely occupied key security sites in Rostov-on-Don. They also noted the movement of additional Wagner units toward Moscow.

United States
President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation in Russia, which US officials describe as serious. The White House National Security Council is monitoring the situation and consulting with allies and partners.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
President Zelensky highlighted the political instability within Russia, indicating that the armed insurrection by the Wagner mercenary group reveals Russia’s weakness. He underscored Ukraine’s ability to protect Europe from the spread of Russian chaos.
“Russia’s weakness is obvious. Full-scale weakness. And the longer Russia keeps its troops and mercenaries on our land, the more chaos, pain, and problems it will have for itself later,” he said and added, “Ukraine is able to protect Europe from the spread of Russian evil and chaos.”

Poland President Andrzej Duda held consultations with the prime minister and the Ministry of Defense in response to the situation in Russia. He mentioned that they are closely monitoring the events unfolding beyond their eastern border.
Prime Minister Kaja Kallas of Estonia assured that there is no direct threat to their country but emphasised that border security has been strengthened.
She advised people not to travel to any part of Russia. President Egils Levits of Latvia stated that their state leadership and relevant services are closely monitoring the events in Russia, and border control has been strengthened.

French Presidential Office
The French President, Emmanuel Macron, is closely following the situation in Russia and reaffirmed their focus on supporting Ukraine.

German Government Spokesperson
The German government spokesperson said the country is closely monitoring the events in Russia.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Office
Prime Minister Meloni is closely following the events in Russia while at the same time rebuked Russia for its ‘assualt’ on Ukraine. “Prime Minister Meloni is closely following events in Russia, which show that its assault on Ukraine is causing instability within Russia,” her office said.

President Klaus Iohannis of Romania stated that Romanian authorities are closely monitoring the events in Russia. They are in constant contact with their allies and remain informed about the developments.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky humorously commented on the situation, mentioning his upcoming summer vacation in Crimea. Lipavsky wrote, “I see that my summer vacation in Crimea is approaching.”
European Union
The EU is carefully observing the developments in Russia following the rebellion led by the Wagner mercenary group. EU Chief Charles Michel stated that they are in touch with their G7 partners and affirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine.

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