| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

Hundreds of demonstrators close Baghdad’s Green Zone

After failed attempts to storm the heavily-guarded area, hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators protesting the results of the parliamentary elections have closed one of the three gates of the Green Zone in Baghdad.
Iraqi security forces ramped up reinforcements at the gate near the Ministry of Planning as a precautionary measure.
The demonstrators erected tents following their attempt to burst into the Green Zone, which includes government and ministries’ headquarters, as well as foreign missions and officials’ residences.
The protesters claim that the results of the 10 October elections were inaccurate and are calling for a manual count of the results.
Iraqi media said that the protesters see the pro-Iran militias as the biggest losers in the parliamentary elections.
There were reports of an exchange of fire erupting after dark on Friday, following a day of tense rallies and scuffles between Iraqi forces and protesters who have been outside the Green Zone for over three weeks.