| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

IAEA’s chief offers to travel to Chernobyl amid Ukraine crisis

On Friday, the chief of the United Nations nuclear inspector offered to travel to Chernobyl to discuss with Ukraine and Russia about securing Ukraine’s nuclear installations.

After a skirmish with Ukrainian troops that resulted in a fire and worries of an accident, Russian invasion forces seized control of Europe’s largest power plant at Zaporizhzhia.

“I have signaled my readiness… to visit to Chernobyl as soon as possible to both the Russian Federation and Ukraine,” Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told reporters.

He noted that “all parties are evaluating” the issue.

Grossi stated that the purpose of the trip would be to develop a “framework” with both sides to ensure the security and operation of Ukraine’s nuclear power plant.

On February 24, Russia seized the Chernobyl disaster site, which claimed the lives of hundreds of people and spread radioactive contamination over Europe.

Grossi stated that any travel will take place after his Saturday return from Tehran.

He’ll meet with senior Iranian officials there to discuss the IAEA’s unanswered queries regarding past nuclear activity at Iran’s undeclared locations.

  • AFP