| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Ice melted in a day in Greenland can cover Florida in 2-inch layer of water

In news that can make all of us rethink our priorities, the Arctic is already warming up three times faster than other regions in the world.

On Tuesday (July 27), a massive amount of ice melted in Greenland. It was so much, that the whole state of Florida in the US can be submerged in two-inch layer of water!

To put things in perspective, Florida spans more than 60,000 sq miles!

The disturbing fact has been shared by Polar Portal. It represents Danish Arctic research institutions studying ice sheets and sea ice in Greenland.

The melting of ice is a worrying sign as Greenland alone has an ice cover that would raise global sea levels by 23 feet.

It has been found that rainfall in increasing in Greenland. But this is happening at the expense of ice as refreezing warms up the ice pack. Scientists and researchers have warned that what’s happening in Arctic can have huge effects on global weather systems.