| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

India appoints new Supreme Court chief justice who is due to retire in November

The Supreme Court of India’s Chief Justice, Uday Umesh Lalit, was sworn in on Saturday, but he will only serve in that capacity for 74 days before he must retire in November.

Justices of the Supreme Court must retire at age 65 in accordance with the Indian Constitution. According to seniority, the president appoints the chief justice.

Earlier this month, Lalit’s predecessor Chief Justice N.V. Ramana said 65 “was too early to retire” for a judge.

An estimated 45 million cases are pending in Indian courts according to the National Judicial Data Grid. The slow disposal was mainly due to a shortage of judges, with some 5,000 positions lying vacant in the lower judiciary, and 400 vacant position for high court judges.

The Supreme Court currently has around 30 judges, and there are four vacancies.

  • Reuters