| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

India to host G-20 virtual summit Wednesday

India is prepared to host a virtual G-20 leaders’ summit on Wednesday, with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi serving as the chair.
According to the Indian Foreign Ministry, leaders of all G-20 Members including the chair of the African Union, as well as nine guest countries, and heads of 11 international organizations, have been invited to the summit, which is expected to push for “effective implementation” of various G-20 decisions.

China has said that Premier Li Qiang will attend the summit.

“The virtual summit will take forward key, select outcomes / action points from the New Delhi Summit as well as review developments since then,” the Indian Foreign Ministry said.

“The deliberations of the 2nd Voice of Global South Summit, held on 17 November 2023, will also feed into the discussions,” it added.

In September, during the closing session of the New Delhi G-20 Summit, Modi had announced that India would be hosting a virtual G-20 leaders’ summit prior to the conclusion of India’s G-20 Presidency in November.

During the two-day summit, the bloc had adopted a consensus declaration that called on states to refrain from seizing territory through the use of force, admitted the African Union as a G-20 member and made commitments on several issues, including food and energy security, climate change and global debt vulnerabilities.

Xi and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had given a miss to the New Delhi summit.

India holds the G-20 Presidency until Nov. 30 from where Brazil will take over the chair.


  • Anadolu Agency