| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Indonesia’s Covid cases reach two-month high as Omicron looms

Indonesia added the most Covid-19 instances in two months, breaching a critical threshold that may lead to tougher restrictions.

On Thursday, the health ministry recorded 533 infections, the highest since Nov. 4, with seven individuals dying from the sickness. More than half of the new cases were discovered in Jakarta, which reported 267 cases.

The administration has stated that if the country’s caseload exceeds 500 to 1,000 cases per day, more rigorous measures would be implemented. Despite the increase in infections, Indonesia’s Covid-19 status remains far from the previous height of the local epidemic, when the nation recorded more than 50,000 daily cases with a positive rate of more than 30%.

This week, the proportion of individuals tested who are positive is 0.26 percent, up from 0.1 percent last week and within the World Health Organization’s recommendation of keeping the rate below 5%. As of Tuesday, the nationwide bed occupancy ratio for Covid-19 patients was 1%.

  • NNA