| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

International peace conference necessary to end war in Gaza says President Abbas

In order to put an end to the conflict in Gaza and find a long-term political solution that would result in the creation of a Palestinian state, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared on Friday that an international peace conference is essential.

In a Reuters interview at his Ramallah office, Abbas, 87, stated that the overall conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has escalated to a dangerous level that calls for international intervention and assurances from major nations.

In addition to Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza, he claimed that for the past year, Israeli soldiers have increased their attacks throughout the occupied West Bank, with Israelis stepping up their aggression against Palestinian villages.

He reiterated his longstanding position in favor of negotiation rather than armed resistance to end the longstanding occupation.

“I am with peaceful resistance. I am for negotiations based on an international peace conference and under international auspices that would lead to a solution that will be protected by world powers to establish a sovereign Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” he said.

  • alarabiya