| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Iran summons Swedish chargé d’affairs over Quran burning

State media reported that Iran has summoned the Swedish chargé d’affaires to register a protest against the burning of a Quran in Sweden.
The Swedish envoy was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and urged to prevent insults to the moral and religious values of Muslims on Thursday, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency.

The Swedish diplomat affirmed his country’s opposition to any form of Islamophobia, saying he will convey Tehran’s protest to Stockholm.

A person identified as Salwan Momika burned a copy of the Muslim holy book under police protection in front of a Stockholm mosque on Wednesday.

The desecration was timed to coincide with Eid al-Adha, one of the major Islamic religious festivals celebrated by Muslims worldwide.

The act has elicited widespread condemnation from the Islamic world, including Türkiye, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Senegal, Morocco, and Mauritania.

  • Anadolu Agency