| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Iraq’s reservoirs are drying up: water levels reach lowest in history

On Friday, the ministry of water in Iraq announced that the country’s water reserves have hit a record low. The situation has become critical, and Iraq is now facing a significant water scarcity crisis, raising concerns about the availability and access to water resources in the nation.
Iraq has been suffering from water scarcity for the past few years and rising global temperatures are not helping.

The country is now considered the fifth most vulnerable to the climate crisis by the UN.

According to the United Nations, 90 percent of the country’s rivers are polluted and Iraq will meet only 15 percent of its water demand by 2035.

Almost 70 per cent of the marshes are dry, putting many species of fish at risk of extinction.

Diversion of water upstream in Turkiye and Iran has worsened the situation leading to water losses and insufficient distribution of resources.

In September 2022, the UN International Organization for Migration said more than 62,000 people were displaced across Iraq due to drought conditions.

  • Arab News