| 27 May 2024, Monday |

ISIS ‘lover’ blows up aunt’s house in Baghdad for refusing his marriage proposal

According to Alsumaria News, an ISIS member in Iraq blew up his aunt’s house in Baghdad after she declined his marriage proposal to marry her daughter because he lacked academic qualifications.

The man proposed to marry his cousin multiple times, according to Alsumaria, citing a report by Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council, but his proposals were always denied since he lacks academic degrees while the lady had a master’s degree.

As a result, the suspect planted an explosive device in the residence, which he detonated the next day at 12:00 p.m., when his aunt, her daughter, and son were present.

When the suspect contacted a phone number associated with the explosive device, the device exploded, killing his male relative as he prepared to go to football practice.

According to the article, the mother and daughter were both uninjured by the blast.

According to the Supreme Judicial Council, the suspect was captured and admitted to installing and detonating the explosive device, and he is a member of the “terrorist ISIS group,” according to an intelligence report.

“The evidence against the suspect, along with his comprehensive confession [to the crime], is sufficient to convict him and sentence him to death,” the council added.

  • alarabiya