| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Islamic Jihad: Our fighters ready for new battle in defence of Jerusalem

Islamic Jihad Chief, Ziyad Al-Nakhala, said that the Palestinian fighters “are ready for a new battle with the Zionist occupation in defense of Jerusalem.”

During a meeting with the Chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hussein Salami, in Tehran, Al Nakhala said: “The force balance is changing in favour of the Palestinian resistance and the result of building up local force in the occupied territories left the Zionists in a permanent state of worry and tension.”

For his part, Salami reiterated that the end of the Israeli occupation “is a reality that will materialise very soon.”

“The Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem between the Zionist entity and the Islamic Palestinian resistance was different from all the previous battles.

The Islamic Jihad delegation arrived in Tehran last week to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Iran’s new President, Ebrahim Raisi.