| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Islamic State attack in Syria’s Raqqa kills 6 Kurdish security forces, says an official

According to Mazloum Abdi, the commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, six members of the Kurdish-led security force were killed on Monday in an Islamic State suicide strike on a security forces facility in Raqqa, Syria.

Farhad Shami, the director of the SDF’s media center, reported that one suicide bomber was dead and another was captured.

The Islamic State seized large portions of Iraq and Syria in 2014, including Raqqa, which served as its capital. However, since losing its final sizable portion of territory in Syria in 2019, the group has turned to guerrilla warfare.

Its remaining thousands of militants have in recent years mostly hid out in remote hinterlands though they are still capable of carrying out insurgent-style attacks.

A major IS attack on the SDF-run al-Sina’a prison in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka in January left some 500 people dead, including 374 people linked to ISIS and dozens of SDF fighters and prison staff, the SDF said.

  • Reuters