| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Israel settlers set fire to Palestine farmland in Nablus

Extreme right-wing Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian farmlands and attacked houses in the occupied West Bank village of Burin, near Nablus, yesterday evening, Wafa has reported.

According to Ghassan Douglas, the Palestinian official in charge of the settlements’ portfolio in the northern West Bank, settlers set fire to a large tract of farmland in the eastern section of the town and attacked at least three houses.

He added that the settlers came from the Har Bracha settlement, an illegal colonial settlement inhabited by extreme right-wing Jewish settlers.

Attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian property are commonplace, and perpetrators are rarely held to account by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers set up an illegal outpost in Beita, a village south of Nablus.

Ghassan confirmed that the settlers took advantage of the closure imposed by the Israeli military on the southern rural areas of Nablus to set up a number of mobile homes atop Jabal Sbeih (Sbeih Mountain) following a drive-by shooting, in which three Israelis  were wounded.

No Palestinian group has claimed the shooting.

Nablus is surrounded by more than 40 Israeli Jewish settlements and outposts with settlers continuing to encroach on Palestinian lands to expand these illegal settlements and outposts under the protection of occupation forces.

More than 600,000 Jewish settlers currently live in more than 250 illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. According to international law, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are occupied Palestinian territories and all Jewish settlements built there and the settlers who live in them are illegal.