| 27 September 2023, Wednesday |

Israel to end ban on exports from Gaza on Sunday

After a days-long prohibition for what it described an attempt to smuggle explosives, Israel will allow the shipment of commercial products from the Gaza Strip through a vital border crossing on Sunday, Palestinian officials announced on Friday.

Palestinians said the prohibition affected thousands of families and threatened livelihoods in the blockaded region.

Israel said on Monday it was temporarily stopping commercial goods from leaving Gaza after inspectors found several kilograms of “high-quality explosives” in a shipment, hidden in the lining of clothes.

“A short while ago, the Israeli side informed us of the decision by the Israeli government to resume exports from Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom crossing starting Sunday, the same way it used to be before the closure,” said a statement by the Palestinian Authority’s committee that liaises on the movement of goods in and out of Gaza.

There was no immediate comment from COGAT, the Israeli authority that coordinates administration with the Palestinian Territories.

Since the Hamas Islamist group took power in Gaza in 2007, it has suffered from one of the world’s highest unemployment rates under a blockade of many goods imposed by Israel with Egyptian backing. It has also been severely damaged in four major wars and numerous other clashes between Hamas and Israel.

  • Reuters