| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Israeli army carries out air attacks in the north of Gaza Strip

Fighting has resumed between Hamas and Israel on the ground in separate areas across the territory.

Starting from the north of the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli occupation forces carried out an air strike in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Radwan. Also, artillery shelling and targeting continue in [central] Gaza, as the [Israeli forces] are trying to expand the military operations on the ground.

The sound of the Israeli drones can be clearly [heard] again in the sky of the south of the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip is under heavy artillery and even aerial bombardment by the occupation forces. In the coming hours, we might witness a surging increase of the number of the Israeli strikes across the territory.

This brings Palestinians only one option – that they will live again under the Israeli bombardment that will destroy all means of life inside the Gaza Strip.

  • Aljazeera