| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Italy: At least three killed, several evacuated after fire breaks out in hospital

Italian media reported that a massive fire erupted overnight in a hospital near Rome, in the town of Tivoli, resulting in the tragic loss of at least three elderly lives.
A fourth dead body was discovered in the San Giovanni Evangelista hospital’s mortuary, which was reported by many media organisations as the fourth casualty, however, Italy’s Ansa news agency said that the victim was said to have died before 11 pm (2200 GMT) on Friday night, which was some time before the hospital caught fire.

The turntable ladders were used by the fire brigade for evacuating nearly 200 people from the hospital, which included many children and a pregnant woman.
In the video released by the department, fire crews were seen trying to reach the hospital’s upper floors through ladders as smoke billowed out.
In a statement, the Tivoli mayor’s office said that the patients in the hospital’s intensive care were immediately transferred to other hospitals via ambulance. While the less-critical patients were shifted to the nearby municipal gymnasium and their transfer to other facilities was pending.

As per the media reports, those people who were evacuated from the hospital were taken to different parts of Rome so as to be provided treatment.

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